Taiga Motors was founded in 2015 by a group of engineers that believed there shouldn’t exist a compromise between exhilarating powersport pursuits and sacrificing the environment. Be it carving through powder, across lakes or along dirt trails nothing beats instant torque at your finger tips, silent speed and fresh air.
 Taking on one of the most challenging vehicle segments to electrify, Taiga has pushed the frontiers of electric technology to achieve the extreme power, weight and thermal specifications required to outperform the high performance, but polluting 2-stroke engine.  The result is the world’s first electric snowmobile designed from the ground up that is faster, more reliable, more efficient & better connected to winter.


We take on the most challenging designs starting from a clean sheet. Whereas many electric vehicles compromise by using off the shelf components, we engineer every system to precisely balance performance, weight, cost & reliability for the most demanding powersport applications. Like Tesla in the automotive space, this allows us to far exceed the possible performance attainable using any other available systems.