Taiga Ambassadors are people who live for outdoor adventures and are enthusiastic about electrifying the powersport vehicles that take them on their journeys. They see the advantages of electric vehicles and know how to use their strengths to shred like never before! They are the kind of person that can’t stop talking about Taiga products and how they will change the game forever.

We are searching out disruptors, renegades, trailblazers, innovators and everything in-between who want to represent Taiga Motors on the local and world stage, to provide feedback, create content (video, images, written) and to live, eat and breath our products. Sound like you? Keep reading.


  • Excitement is a must! Excited to change the industry, excited to explore the unexplored and most of all, excited about the Taiga brand. This excitment should be contagious and everyone around you should know why Taiga is the best.
  • Interest in innovative technologies
  • Be a content master. The world wants to see Taiga products in the most beautiful, extreme, highest, lowest, wettest, driest, hottest, coldest… You get the idea. This means posting videos, photos and blogs regularly on your social channels, as well as sending high-quality content to the Taiga marketing team.
  • Taiga Ambassadors will be important for gathering feedback on our products. This means you will be in close contact with Taiga, submitting feedback reports and suggesting actionable improvements and changes.
  • Have a well-established online presence, a highly-engaged network and the ability to demonstrate existence of your well-established online presence.
  • Have a professional manner. As an Ambassador you will be representing our brand, encouraging others to check out our products and influencing how others see our products and business.
  • Be respectful and inclusive to anyone and everyone.


  • Exclusive demo access to new Taiga products
  • Exclusive access to the Taiga referral program, unlocking credit towards purchases
  • Taiga Parts, Apparel, and Accessories Promo Offers
  • Product discounts on Parts, Apparel, Accessories
  • Swag give outs for events or while out riding
  • Access to exclusive information and events