Off-Road Charging

Pushing the Boundaries of Exploration

Sustainable adventure begins with a truly trailblazing off-road electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

We’re rolling out a robust network of on-water and on-land charging stations to push the boundaries of where power sports can go . These chargers will connect trail routes and circuits, and appear at marinas and waterways across Canada and the United States.

Taiga Charging Network Map

*Map indicates targeted locations, not specific addresses. Timing and location of planned off-road charging locations shown on this map are subject to change.

Aiming to electrify 75,000 off-road kilometers with roughly 1100 charge points by 2025.

We’ve begun installing Level 2 and Level 3 chargers in our home market, with thousands of off-road charging locations targeted. Our mission is to give owners the freedom of exploration and adventure. Exploring the great outdoors is about to become increasingly greener.

Taiga’s off-road charging network gives power sports the freedom of exploration and adventure without detriment to our environment.

Building For the Backcountry

The off-road charging network is leading the way for sustainable exploration beyond what’s possible today. Our off-grid vision is to mindfully harness renewable energy in hard-to-reach artic-like locations, high mountain peaks, and undisturbed natural waterways for unrestricted outdoor access.

Off-Road EV Infrastructure

Taiga vehicles can leverage existing generic charging infrastructure, shifting our focus to areas yet to be electrified.

DC fast chargers up to 75kW

Easy charging, park and plug-in

Automotive-standard J1772 and CSS combo connectors

Designed for extreme hot and cold climates

Real time vehicle navigation on-water or on-land

Real-time charging status on app

Free for Taiga Trailbreakers

Ride ready, from the chalet, home, or hotel

Easy to use where you’ll already be stopping, wall-mounted Level 2 charging elevates the ownership experience with park and plug simplicity. Whether at a marina dock, a sledding garage, or outside a popular hotel, it takes only a couple of hours to fuel up while you rest up.

Level 2 charging up to 9.9kW

Plug-in anywhere for level 1 overnight charging at 1.5kW

Cabling rated for 240V

Weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use

Compatible with other EV’s with the J1772 connector

Simplified Charging, More Riding

Portable charging cables can connect to both 240V and standard home 120V outlets with the use of adapters. At Taiga, we’ve designed our vehicles to be compatible with as many types of existing electrical infrastructure as possible – here’s looking at welder’s plugs, RV outlets, shore outlets on the dock, or even a secondary dryer outlet in the garage, the use of charging adapters have you covered.

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