Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to frequently asked questions to provide you with more information on Taiga Motors and our electric PWC Orca.

Top questions

An electric personal watercraft (PWC) is a recreational watercraft that is propelled by an electric powertain that includes an electric motor and battery pack.

Testing access to units will only be be available to pre-order and reservation holders.

The Orca electric PWC Founder’s Editions is $28,000 USD.

Orca electric PWC Founder’s Editions are expected to start delivery in Summer 2020.

Purchasing an Orca electric PWC


Orca electric PWCs are globally availabile.

Reserved Orca watercrafts will be delivered through Taiga partnered dealerships. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please fill out our dealer application form.

Parts & servicing will be available at Taiga partnered dealerships. Parts will also be available direct from manufacturer through an online store with 2-day guaranteed shipping in most areas.

Pre Ordering

You can pre-order a Founder’s Edition by placing a refundable deposit. Founder’s Edition holders will be the first to recieve their watercraft in summer 2020.

Founders Edition Orca reservation requires an initial $2,000 USD credit card payment, plus a $12,000 USD wire transfer payment is due within 10 days.

Own a piece of history and pave the way for electrification by pre-ordering your individually numbered and badged Founders Edition Orca, featuring exclusive design elements and high-performance packages.

You will receive a confirmation email and be placed on the waiting list to purchase your Orca. Closer to production, you will be able to configure your Orca and we will offer you a purchase agreement. Your deposit will be deducted from the final purchase price.

The Orca electric PWC will be starting at $28,000 USD. You will see the final price of your Orca after you have configured it.

Yes, the deposit is fully refundable until you purchase a watercraft.

Yes, the electric powertrain will come with a 5 year no maintenance warranty, and the rest of the watercraft will be covered by standard industry warranties.

We are currently in discussion with several governing bodies to access green incentives for electric personal watercrafts. Stay tuned!

Charging, battery and features


All Taiga PWCs can be charged at Level 1 and Level 2. Level 3 (DC Fast Charging).
Level 1 charging: ~14 hours overnight
Level 2 charging: 2-3 hours
Level 3 charging: 20 minutes to 80%

The Orca charger is compatible with standard EV plugs:
– SAE J1772 for North America version, with combo for Level 3 Charging
– Type 2 IEC for European version, with combo for Level 3 Charging -available adapters for direct to outlet connections

Orca can be charged at Level 1 at any 120VAC outlet (regular household outlet). Level 2 charging can be achieved at any EV charging station or at home if you have installed a Level 2 charger. Level 3 charging can only be achieved at Level 3 (DC-Fast Charge) stations.

Yes, as long as it has a standard charging plug (SAE J1772 or Type 2 IEC).

If you wish to achieve Level 2 charging at home, a Level 2 charger needs to be installed. While it is possible to install a Level 2 charger yourself, we always recommend you hire an electrician.

Orca can be charged by solar power as long as the power is supplied as standard 120VAC/240VAC.

Since the Orca has an on-board charger, the only equipment necessary is a lightweight adapter cable allowing you to access Level 1 charging anywhere. This cable is included with each Orca.

Taiga’s systems have minimal vampire drain, this means the Orca can be easily be stored unplugged for several years.


The Orca electric PWC has a 2 hour range with start and stop play time. Range will vary on driving conditions.

Lithium-ion batteries must be kept at a specific temperature in order to perform optimally. That is why all Taiga vehicals are equipped with an advanced thermal management system that is capable of either cooling or heating the battery pack in order to ensure it performs optimally.

The Orca batter has 23 kWh capacity

The battery is closely integrated to the vehicle for maximum efficiency and durability under heavy impacts. Thus, hot-swapping batteries as an alternative to charging will not be available, however the battery is easily removable in the event it needs servicing.


Yes, 2-up seating is included, we currently do not offer 3-up seating.

Our electric motor can generate more torque at low rpm than any combustion engine on the market. Towing water skiers and tubers with a 2-seat PWC is restricted in some regions. Check with the appropriate governing authority in your region

It will be possible to customize throttle response, power and torque outputs through the vehicles software to match every riders needs. A single machine can match the needs of novices and experts alike.

The Orca electric PWC comes standard with 12V auxiliries hookup for any conventional accessories. The system can supply up to 200W (16 Amps) continuously. This would have minimal impact on range.

Future software updates will be offered free of charge.

Do you dream of summoning  your Orca electric PWC to your dock or sending it do self-charge? So do we….

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