Welcome to the Taiga Blog where we will be sharing updates, stories & engineering insights! This first post is dedicated to what drives us in our quest to electrify off-road vehicles.

Our Story

Taiga Motors was founded in 2015 by a group of engineers that believed there shouldn’t exist a compromise between exhilarating powersport pursuits and sacrificing the environment. Be it carving through powder, across lakes or along dirt trails nothing beats instant torque at your finger tips, silent speed and fresh air.

Needing to operate in cold temperatures and achieve high power to weight ratios, snowmobiles are one of the most challenging vehicle segments to electrify. So why did we start with them?

Though all off-road vehicles adhere to looser emission regulations than their on-road counterparts’, snowmobiles remain by far the most polluting. The inefficient 2-stroke engine still dominates sales because of its significantly higher performance. Even modern snowmobile engines still emit over 30x the pollutants of a car per kilometer. Snowmobile sales have understandably taken a big hit over the past 2 decades due to increasing environmental awareness & regulations. Growing up in Quebec, Canada we felt pulled to conserve the purity of winter sports and the heritage of innovation in the province where snowmobiling began.

Somewhat counter-intuitively, we knew that overcoming the challenges facing electric snowmobiles would push us to engineer an electric powertrain that could easily meet the demands of other powersport applications. Our benchmark was achieving the same power to weight as 2-stroke engine packages with a battery that could meet the extreme thermal transfer rates required for sustaining high continuous power outputs in both arctic and tropical climates.

At the core, our electric powertrain will enable the cost-effective electrification of not just snowmobiles, but also watercraft, ATV’s and side-by-sides. The modular battery, motor, inverter & electronic systems Taiga has developed from the ground up will drive down costs across all vehicles and enable low cost adoption of electric vehicles across all segments.  Better performance, less maintenance, lower environmental impact & a better connections to the outdoors is what we are striving for.

Our Approach

We take on the most challenging designs starting from a clean sheet. Whereas many electric vehicles compromise by using off the shelf components, we engineer every system to precisely balance performance, weight, cost & reliability for the most demanding powersport applications. Like Tesla, this allows us to not only achieve leading performance, but most importantly, to quickly react to customer feedback and continuously improve our products.

Over the past years we have put several generation of prototype snowmobiles through thousands of kilometers of testing across frozen lakes to the backcountry peaks. Tools in hand and laptops out in the cold, we have continuously fine-tuned performance thanks to the feedback of many incredible riders that are dedicated to improving the future of snowmobiling. The result is the soon to be unveiled production snowmobiles delivering class leading performance, improved ergonomics, zero maintenance powertrains & a pure riding experience. Taiga Snow 2 (TS2 protoype) shown below.