Man riding electric PWC
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Top Speed






and play.

No fuel

No maintenance

Easy charging

Up to 2 hours of riding



GPS, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Wireless updates

Configurable parameters

All in one data center



Leading power to weight

Precision control and agility

Advanced thermal management

5 year no maintenance powertrain warranty


Dimensions: 2.90 meters (9.5 ft) long, 1.2meters (3.9 ft) wide, 1.01 meters (3 ft) tall

WEIGHT: 263kg / 580lbs

DRIVE: 134kW (180hp) direct drive

RANGE: 2 hours typical driving conditions

CHARGING: 80% in 20 minutes DC fast charge

TOP SPEED: 104kmph / 65mph




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Exterior Design

▪ 2.90 meters (9.5 ft) long, 1.2meters (3.9 ft) wide, 1.01 meters (3 ft) tall
▪ Full carbon fiber construction
▪ Suspended seat design for 2 riders with rear grab bar.
▪ Weight capacity: 181kg / 400lbs
▪ Front storage and glove box storage
▪ Front and rear anchor points for lifting and towing


▪ Ready to drive weight: 263kg / 580 lbs
▪ Top speed: 104kph / 65mph
▪ Cruise speed: 70kph / 44mph
▪ Range: 2 hours on typical driving conditions
▪ Rated for fresh water and ocean use

Drive System

▪ Directly driven impeller jet pump.
▪ Taiga integrated PMAC drive unit delivering 134kW (180hp) up to 9,000rpm.
▪ Reactive impeller speed control for maximum efficiency and minimized noise levels.
▪ Closed loop liquid cooling system requiring no flushing or maintenance
▪ Rated for temperatures down to -40OC/F not requiring winterization.

Battery and Charging

▪ 23kWh of energy, 355V nominal voltage, weight approx. 125kg.
▪ Low quiescent drain, can be left up to 5 years unplugged
▪ 5 year, 20,000km warranty
▪ Shock and vibration isolated structure with IP68 rating for marine environments
▪ Onboard charger compatible with automotive standard connectors and chargers
▪ 6.6kW level 2 charging on 240VAC and overnight level-1 charging on 110VAC
▪ Optional DC fast charging to 80% in 20 minutes for commercial operators

Controls and Connectivity

▪ Configurable 7-inch center console with handlebar controls
▪ GPS speed & built in mapping
▪ LTE, Wi-Fi for over the air updates and upgrades
▪ Bluetooth connectivity via phone for app settings, vehicle monitoring and music
▪ Automatic and manual adjustable trim angle
▪ User configurable power, acceleration and speed modes with lockout capabilities
▪ Powerful onboard computer with extension capabilities for sonar fish finder and other sensory integration.